The Diocesan Coordinators of Catholic Justice and Peace from all the Arch/Dioceses in Kenya are gathering at the Pastoral Centre (Thome wa Aklisto) of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui from 22nd to 26th May 2023 to do two major things:

  1. To evaluate the concluded Lenten Campaign of 2023
  2. To develop materials for the Lenten Campaign of 2024.

Speaking during the Homily of the Opening Mass, Bishop John Oballa emphasized that LIFE IS A MISSION. He based his reflection on the day’s reading (Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter: Acts 20:17-27 and John 17:1-11). Jesus was clear of the mission for which he came into the world. At the end of his mission, he said, “Father, the hour has come, glorify your son……I am not in the world any longer, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you”.

 He called upon the Coordinators to see the work of justice and peace as part of the mission which the Lord has called upon us to carry out. Like Paul, speaking to his listeners from Ephesus, he is aware that he has completed his mission and that imprisonment and death was awaiting him, he said, “I now feel sure that none of you among whom I have gone about proclaiming the kingdom will ever see my face again. And so here and now I swear that my conscience is clear as far as all of you are concerned, for I have without faltering put before you the whole of God’s purpose.

Lenten Campaign is a Campaign that is spearheaded by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) through its Department of Justice & Peace (CJPD).  Every year, in the month of May the Diocesan Coordinators come together to begin the long journey of preparing the materials for the Lenten Campaign of the following year. It is indeed a prophetic work involving prayer and deep reflection, considering the state of the nation.

The session was opened by Bishop John Oballa himself as the Bishop Chair of the KCCB-CJPD and head of the Comission for the Promotion of Integral Human Development. Present too were Rev. Fr. Bernard Ngaruia, the Deputy Secretary General of the KCCB-Secretaria, as well as Mrs Beatrice Odera, the National Executive Secretary for KCCB-CJPD. Bishop John told the participants to remember that we are a people of hope, of strategy and prayer!