A joint meeting between KCCB-Education Commission, ADOK Education Department, and Caritas Kisumu to discuss on the prospects of this initiative.
KCCB-Education Commission taking over from the previous implementers of this initiative sought to partner with the Diocesan Department for Education (under Rev. Fr. George William) and with our office.

This initiative has been ongoing, under the name of NIGEE (Nyanza Initiative for Girls’ Education and Empowerment) targeting young girls of 19 years and below, particularly those who dropped out of school at class 6 or below. The aim is to increase their literacy level and assist those who desire to join the formal education system of to continue to VTI (Vocational Training Institute).
The takeover by the Church through KCCB-Education Commission and ADOK Education Department is indeed a welcome move.
As for us this is charity (CARITAS) to the girl child. We remain concerned about the BOYCHILD as well!